PhotoSculptures are a unique presentation of photography in which a photograph is presented as a 3-dimensional work. Traditionally, photography has been viewed as a two-dimensional art form having only length and width, so adding a real third dimension to a photographic print - depth - adds an extra experience when viewing the image.


My inspiration for creating PhotoSculptures came from full page magazine advertisements that used a college of overlapping images to help create the message. To help create the illusion of depth on a page it was typical to add "drop shadows" to add a sense of dimension to the image. I thought "what if the shadows were real", followed by "and how could I do that" - and a real three-dimensional photographic print, the Photo Sculpture, was conceived.

While there is no reason that PhotoSculptures could not be created using traditional photographic methods, film, chemicals and a darkroom, I make use of digital technology because it offers unparalleled control over the elements of contrast, colour saturation, image brightness, and other factors to bring out the colours that are inherent in the image to create the final outcome.  

To create a PhotoSculpture I first divide a photograph into overlapping segments. There is no formula to do this - each image is unique in its own way so I let the content of the image inspire how it is deconstructed.  Each segment is printed and mounted and shaped, if necessary. Then the individual print segments are reassembled in registration to create the final work. The overlapping of the prints adds the physical depth to the reconstruction and also make it possible to see behind/"around" each piece. The resulting photo sculpture provides a viewing experience like no other - what you see is literally determined by where you stand - truly unique.

The images on this page are photographs (copies) of completed sculptures to give you a sense of what a photo sculpture

is like to view. They can only provide a "sense" of a sculpture as they are only two-dimensional images. Some of them are on hand in a specific size and are available for immediate shipping as are the images on the "SCULPTURES" page. All the images on these pages can become created for you in the size of your preference. Please see the "BUY PRINTS" page for information on sizes and prices. 

For a better understanding of PhotoSculptures, watch these short videos.


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