Photography Styles

Photography is an artistic and creative medium that takes many forms - portraiture, still life, landscape are familiar to us all.  Fine art photography is probably the hardest to define as it can incorporate all of these - and more - in a way that presents the photographer's vision of the world.

Fine art photography can be defined as:

- Creating an image to convey a specific emotion, idea, or message. -

This is what makes it different from other forms of photography because it is intended to be more than a means to an end; rather than merely evoke nostalgia or be used for commercial purposes, the image looks to stir emotions deep within.

Currently I divide my work into two styles: Traditional Fine Art Photography and Photo Sculptures. My Traditional work looks to present beauty found in all in its various forms, shapes, and colours. 

Photo Sculpture is a unique presentation of photography in which a photograph is presented as a 3-dimensional work. Traditionally, photography has been viewed as a two-dimensional art form having only length and width, so adding a real third dimension to a photographic print - depth - adds a viewing experience like no other. What you see is literally determined by the existing lighting and where you are standing - truly unique.

Read more about Photo Sculptures on the Photo Sculptures page.



Photo Sculpture 


Photo Sculpture 

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