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Ted Coldwell

An early love of cars eventually led to a passion for high speed performance driving. To do that well requires keen observation, good timing, experience, and skill.

My photography demands the same: choosing my subject carefully and looking at it closely, determining the best time/way to make the exposure, knowing what to do under any given circumstance and mastery of the tools I use.

I discovered photography in my late teens and it's been a passion ever since - first as a hobby, then as a profession, now as a photographic artist.

Self taught, my learning has come from reading, observation, necessity and experience, inspiration from others, and the desire to share what I see the way I see it.



In my photographs I search for both the simplicity and the complexity created by form, shape, texture and particularly colour and the beauty that is created when everything comes together as a visual whole. I usually find this beauty buried in the details that are most often overlooked.


These “details” are what make that “something” you're looking at what it is. Sometimes these details are technical: the shape, texture, the colour. Sometimes these details are provided by my imagination when I see creatures and features - created by colours and shapes in the photograph - that often become the title for the image. While I don't live by it, the old adage "The devil is in the details." is a strong influence in my life.


My goal is to unveil this subdued beauty, to engage you and help you think more about what you see. Ultimately, I want you to enjoy more fully what surrounds you.


My photographs are my music and all of my images strike a chord in me. I hope you enjoy my music.




- Group show - "Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire" - Bear River ARTworks Gallery, Bear River, NS; February 2020


- Solo show - "Out of Context" - Hardware Gallery, Kentville, NS; May 2019

- Solo show - "See like me 2..." Sackville Public Library, Sackville, NS; June 2019

- Group show - "A Show of Respect" - Marigold Centre, Truro, NS; June 2019


- Solo show - "See like me..." - Gallery 1919, Halifax, NS; July 2018

- Solo show - "Colours of the Earth"- ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, NS; May 2018

- Group show - "New Points 2018" - ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, NS; January 2018

- Group show - "Blue: Inspired by Picasso" - Round Hill Gallery, Annapolis Royal, NS; January 2018


- Solo show - Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS; November 2017