Ted Coldwell

Looking at my photograph, you might think I’m old, but I don’t feel old, I don’t look my age (or so some people tell me), and I try hard to not act my age. I’m also intense, stubborn, blunt and loyal -  a true Scorpio. I’m from Springhill, a small mining town in Nova Scotia when I was growing up.


I was a car guy by the time I was 14 and consumed hot rod magazines and many issues of Road and Track. When I was 19 I read an R&T article about taking pictures of cars and thought that would be fun. Bitten by the photography bug, my life changed.


By 1973 I knew the direction I wanted to follow. My first photography opportunity came in 1975 and I spent 6 years working in A/V in Alberta learning my craft and developing a deep interest in advertising photography.


In 1981 I returned to Nova Scotia and started my own commercial photography business. In 1985 I opened my first studio. For more than 20 years I photographed everything from apples to widgets for advertising agencies, graphic designers, and corporate clients.


From 2006 - 2016 I did only personal work. In 2017 I decided to share my way of seeing with those around me.


My learning has come from reading, from necessity and experience, and from the inspiration of others. I prefer to previsualize my work, but I have learned that surprises can be informative, entertaining and uplifting. Combining previsualization with surprises culminated in the creation of three-dimensional works I call PhotoSculptures that provide a viewing experience of photography like no other.



In my photographs I search for both the simplicity and the complexity created by form, shape, texture and particularly colour and the beauty that is created when everything comes together as a visual whole. I usually find this beauty buried in the details that are most often overlooked.


These “details” are what make that “something” you're looking at what it is. Sometimes these details are technical: the shape, texture, the colour. Sometimes these details are provided by my imagination when I see creatures and features - created by colours and shapes in the photograph - that often become the title for the image. While I don't live by it, the old adage "The devil is in the details." is a strong influence in my life.


My goal is to unveil this subdued beauty, to engage you and help you think more about what you see. Ultimately, I want you to enjoy more fully what surrounds you.


My photographs are my music and all of my images strike a chord in me. I hope you enjoy my music.




- Group show - "Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire" - Bear River ARTworks Gallery, Bear River, NS; February 2020


- Solo show - "Out of Context" - Hardware Gallery, Kentville, NS; May 2019

- Solo show - "See like me 2..." Sackville Public Library, Sackville, NS; June 2019

- Group show - "A Show of Respect" - Marigold Centre, Truro, NS; June 2019


- Solo show - "See like me..." - Gallery 1919, Halifax, NS; July 2018

- Solo show - "Colours of the Earth"- ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, NS; May 2018

- Group show - "New Points 2018" - ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, NS; January 2018

- Group show - "Blue: Inspired by Picasso" - Round Hill Gallery, Annapolis Royal, NS; January 2018


- Solo show - Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS; November 2017

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